Sept. 2, 2012


The meeting was called to order by the association president, PJ Schaefer, at 5:00 PM.

Members present: PJ Schaefer, President; Jeff Schneider, Vice President; Carole Dannehl, Secretary; Brian Follett, Treasurer; Tom & Joey Falch, John & Pam Buckner, Cheri & Bob Reigelman, Nick Birk, Pat & Bob Renton, Brad Brolsma, Mindy Follett, Mel & Barb Meyer.


PJ stated that the lake is in decent shape this year. He reported on visits from Kristy Maki, County invasive species specialist, who mapped locations on GPS of the Eurasian Water Milfoil. Copies of the map were handed out so that everyone would be aware of locations and try to avoid them while boating. The grant we received for combating the milfoil includes volunteer hours toward the 50/50 deal with the State of Wisconsin. Brian Follett mentioned that we did not do a chemical treatment this year, and that we can do that most likely every other year.


Brian distributed a printout which showed year-to-date financials:

Year-to-date Stats 2011 Comparison (full year)

17 contributors 20 contributors

$4,280 in income $7,530 income

$1,320 in expenses $7,874 expenses

$4,440 in reserves $ -344 loss

$5,837 bank balance $3,757 end of year

We are hoping for contributions from 4 more lakeshore owners


Jeff reported on the need for a more useable public landing. He met with Dan Tyrolt of LCO Conservation and discussed requirements: a wider drive area, gravel, concrete pads, and dredging of the put-in area. Tyrolt said it would cost about $3700, and the tribe would contribute $1000 of that. PJ had contacted Dale Olson of the Sawyer County Conservation Dept. who said the county could help with labor and the concrete slabs. It could cost as much as $200 per property owner to provide a decent landing.


PJ reported that he has met several times with Round Lake and County people regarding management of the water levels of Round Lake. Our position has been that we want to be good neighbors of the County, LCO, and Round Lake and we want the management of levels to be at County Rd NN, not at Carlson Rd. He showed the chart of lake level for Osprey and Little Round, prepared with the help of Tom Falch, showing that the two lakes are in sync. As of now, our water level is totally based on the beaver dams below Osprey Lake. The County Board will probably vote to replace the bridge (which badly needs repair) and put a sill in the creek, leaving a natural stream bed.


The meeting ended with a potluck fish fry, as usual, with about 40 in attendance.


Submitted by Carole Dannehl, OLPOA Secretary, on September 18, 2012