Sept. 3, 2011


The annual meeting was called to order at 4:30 PM by OLPOA president PJ Schaefer.  Members present:  PJ, Jeff Schneider, Brian and Mindy Follett, Carole Dannehl, Mel and Barb Meyer, Jack Storer, Brian Swanson, Bob and Birgitta Pellant, Brad Brolsma, Bob Giere and Tom Falch.


The current officers were re-elected for a two-year term:

PJ Schaefer, president

Jeff Schneider, vice president

Carole Dannehl, secretary

Brian Follett, treasurer


Brian Follett gave the treasurer’s report:


OLPOA financial highlights as of August 28, 2011

17 contributors             (20 in 2010)

$5,510 in income          ($4,455 in 2010)

$7,044 in expenses       ($5,285 in 2010)

$1,534 loss, YTD         ($830 loss in 2010)

$1,167 bank balance    ($2,700 at end of 2010)

We are hoping for contributions from seven more lakeshore owners


PJ reported on the Carlson Road dam:  Sawyer County does not want to be responsible for managing the dam.  Round Lake POA wants to manage it, but may not be able to as they would have to obtain permission from all property owners within two miles of the dam.   Only 25% of property owners on Round Lake belong to their POA.


Bruce Paulsen from the County Board talked to Tom Aartila of the DNR who stated that 25% of base flow must be maintained whenever water is present.


PJ then reported on the NN culverts:  The culverts were rebuilt in ’96 or ’97 and were installed at the wrong height, according to the DNR.  By court order, they must be rebuilt by Sept 15, 2011, and lowered by 14 inches.  (Secretary’s note—work began on Sept. 8 and was completed on Sept 12.)


PJ then reported on the Aquatic Plant Management Plan:  Kristy Maki completed work on the APM earlier this year and submitted it to the DNR.  Having an approved APM plan makes us eligible for matching funds from the state.  We have applied for a grant of 50% of $32,000 over a three-year period. 


PJ then commented on the major expense of 2011:  Eurasian Water Milfoil was treated with granular herbicide on June 14.  Both Navigate and MaxG products were applied.  MaxG works better in acidic lakes like Osprey.  Multiple surveys of the lakeshore show that there is much less milfoil than previously.  We should be able to tell next spring whether the plant roots were killed. 


Kristy Maki and an intern were on the lake in August and pulled purple loosestrife near the public landing.  There appears to be more which can be pulled out.  Tom Falch will see to this in September.


PJ extended thanks to all who contributed to the milfoil treatment fund and said he thought it was an excellent use of $6500.


Our application for a refund of the grant application fee was denied because we were not recognized by the county as a POA.  Brian Follett will file a W-9 as the final step toward recognition.   [Note:  refund of $170 was received on 9/17/2011]


PJ’s next report was on NR 115—Shoreline regulation which has passed the county board.  Highlights are:

1)      No horizontal or vertical additions may be made to structures less than 75 feet from the ordinary high water mark

2)      Osprey was reclassified as a Class 3 (small) lake.  Lots must now be at least 40,000 square feet.

3)      Lots must have 200 feet of lakeshore frontage, a 75-foot setback, and a 30-foot-wide view corridor to the lakeshore.


PJ’s final report concerned Walleye stocking:  Two fish surveys have been made by the DNR in the last year.  Only one 13” fish was taken, though some have been caught by members.  Despite the poor results, Frank Pratt of the DNR recommends continuing our efforts to stock walleye, as they may bear fruit.  Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin has matching funds for restocking, which we have taken advantage of.  It was decided to try stocking again this year, with voluntary contributions from members.


Jeff extended grateful appreciation to PJ for all the work he has done for OLPOA.  This sentiment was echoed by all the members.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 PM.



                                    Submitted by Carole Dannehl, OLPOA secretary, 9/22/2011