Sept. 4, 2010


Present:  President P.J. Schaefer, Vice President Jeff Schneider, Secretary Carole Dannehl, Treasurer Brian Follett, Bob Reigelman, Brad and Joan Brolsma, Mindy Follett, Birgitta Pellant, Bob and Kristy Giere, Paul and Katie Meyer, Rob Hutter, Tom Falch, Jack Storer.


P.J. opened the meeting at 4:45 with a report on the lawsuit by Round Lake property owners against Sawyer County for what they term improper maintenance of lake levels.  A hearing will be held on Nov. 3 to discuss issues such as the culverts on County Rd. NN and the dam at Carlson Road.  LCO tribe and Tiger Cat Flowage as well as our owners’ group will join the County in opposition to their claims.  A vote was held (and passed) to have the Secretary write a letter to those bodies indicating our agreement with the County’s position.  (This will be submitted to the officers for approval before being mailed.)


The no-wake ordinance has been passed by Hayward Township and a sign posted at the public landing.  Hours for this are from 10 PM to 6 AM and follows state guidelines, one of which has recently been changed.  The  State requires no wake within 100 feet of shoreline, docks, etc.


The County would like all lakes to undergo a septic survey—they need 51% of owners to approve this.  After discussion, it was decided that we will conduct our own survey to determine the date at which each septic system was installed.  This will be reported to members at next year’s meeting.  It is a common belief that most of our properties have fairly recently been updated or installed.


Kristy Maki is working on the Aquatic Plant Management program for us which will be submitted after Dec. 1 to apply for a 75% state portion of our budget for treatment of invasive plants.  Summer 2010 treatment has cost $3100 and we have spent an additional $600 for product which we have applied twice.  Since we need to have a Shoreline Management committee within our association, it was decided that Tom Falch and Wayne Dannehl be designated as such since they do much of the detection and treatment.   PJ will contact Dan Tyrolt of the LCO Conservation Dept. to discuss landing monitoring.


Brian delivered the Treasurer’s report:

     Total contributions 2010 YTD:  ~$3000
           including $500 for walleye stocking and $275 for woodduck houses
     Total expenses YTD: $4200  ($3840 for milfoil eradication)
     Members who contributed:  17
     Lakeshore lot owners:  28
     Bank acct balance:  $2900

Paul Cristel of LCO is saving 1,000 7-11” walleyes for us for 2011.  We receive matching funds from Walleyes for Northwestern Wisconsin.


Carole made a plea for all to avoid approaching the loons’ nest next Spring.  They tried twice to hatch an egg, but failed this summer.  At the end, there was an egg in the nest, but no parent sitting on it.  This indicates that predators were not the problem.  It may be that close contact with humans is a factor and satisfying our curiosity could be detrimental to raising a chick.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:30.    Forty-one people attended the ensuing fish fry potluck meal.

Submitted by Carole Dannehl.