Members present:  Brian & Mindy Follett, PJ Schaefer, Jeff Schneider, Wayne & Carole Dannehl, Brian Swanson, Bob & Birgitta Pellant, Jack Storer, Bob & Cherie Riegelman, Tom & Joey Falch, Richard Knauel, Mel & Barb Meyer (with Sarah & David Grant). (11 property holders)

Guest:  Kristy Maki (with Elsa)


PJ: opened the meeting at 4:30, reporting that Paul Christel of LCO said that no walleyes were speared on Osprey this Spring.  LCO will do a full survey in 2011. “Walleyes for Wisconsin” matches funds for introducing walleyes.

Jeff : lake use ordinance has passed all 3 town boards.  Kathy McCoy of Round Lake and County Boards was extremely helpful in writing the ordinance and sent it to Chris Wunrow of DNR for approval.  If the State approves it, there will be a 30 day  notice for a public hearing.  Jeff recommended we send $50 in Kathy’s name to Round Lake Township for the work she did.  Approved by consensus.

Brian F: we have $3600 in checking, unpaid walleye bill is between $750 and $1000.   There are 17 individual contributors which represents everyone living here plus some others.  We should plan to spend $2500 in the next year for milfoil treatment.    Good news:  all contributions (except the $20 dues) to the POA are tax deductible—we not have 501c3 status.


A general discussion of development followed, with this input:

     Bob R:  no other lots in Tanglewood have been sold.  Someone from Stevens Point is interested in purchasing the whole piece.

     Brian F:  only 1 lot in Dreaming Trail has been sold, and that was at the beginning.

                     A total of 24 lots in Shores of Osprey—10 are unsold.

                      Difficult to reach bank re the resort.  Site boundaries are unclear.

     Jeff:  Someone looking at first spec house (next to his). They have a cabin in Minong, are retiring in Dec.


Kristy Maki, the County Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator, helped write the grant to the state for $5000.

     Treated so far:    10 Acres in 2006, 6 A. in 2007, 4 A. in 2008, and a small amount in 2009. 

     She has put in the request for new funds (75%/25% matching).  We can use volunteer hours for part of our amount.  If we get a grant, we must budget for 25% of the $7200 .  It costs $600 per acre to treat.  If we do not get a grant, we can just treat patches (as we did this year).

    She advised us to develop an aquatic management plan to set guidelines for treatment.  Surveys are being done in May/June now, with treatment beginning in late June.

New Business:

    Moved by Jeff, seconded by Jack to set the annual meeting date as the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  Passed.


Brian F. moved, Cherie seconded to adjourn.  Passed at 5:30.


Submitted by Carole  (questions or comments: or 715-462-3364



Report of the Sawyer County Lakes Forum Meeting   Sept. 19, 2009

I’ve been attending the 2 meetings a year of this group, but have not reported to our annual meeting.  Just thought I’d add a few things to the minutes to inform you of what the Forum does, and give you some info regarding meetings, websites, etc. Our POA is a member ($20 dues per year).   Carole


SCLF supports a county-wide septic survey.  Many residences are not on the county’s list of those with septic systems, and do not receive pumpings,  or have systems that are sub-standard.  It is believed that there are many systems polluting groundwater in the county.

Also support a ban on lead and other toxic materials in fishing equipment.   All of us can help deal with this issue by not purchasing sinkers, lures, etc. made with toxics.  The worst ones are the smallest because they are often picked up by loons, fish, etc. since they look like small stones.

They do not support the current shoreline bill because they would like stronger restrictions (this one is at the state level).

The county is assessing the Ashegon Lake gravel pit to determine whether it is causing pollution to area lakes.  SCLF supports this assessment.

Future meeting dates:  (all welcome)  May 15, 2010 at Comfort Suites 9 AM

                                                            Sept. 18, 2010 at Comfort Suites  9 AM

SCLF website:

WI Association of Lakes   This website will get you a free copy of their newsletter, “Lake Connection

U. W. Stevens Point:

   This is the current issue of a newsletter which discusses :”Taking Care of Our Lakes in Times of Declining Water Levels”.

The Hayward Library is developing a nature area, walking trail, etc.  on the library grounds.  Included will be restoration of shoreline, which will be an educational site.  Area school children will be brought in, and others will be welcome to use the area. The SCLF voted to send $200 to the library for this project.  $40,000 needs to be raised (I believe there are matching funds from someplace).   Please consider a donation, no matter how small, to the library for this purpose. 

If you’d like to attend one of the SCLF meetings next year, let me know—or you can go to their website and ask to be put on the email list.