August 31, 2008


            Members present:  Bob and Birgitta Pellant, PJ Schaefer, Brian Swanson, Rich and Carol Knauel, Tom and Joey Falch, Jeff Schneider, Brian and Mindy Follett, Jack Storer, Wayne and Carole Dannehl.

            Pres. Wayne Dannehl opened the meeting at 4 PM, announced that he and Bob Pellant were resigning as officers, and turned the meeting over to VP Schaefer.

            Elections were held as follows:

            Pres.  PJ Schaefer, nominated by Carol Knauel, seconded by Birgitta Pellant.

            VP   Jeff Schneider, nominated by Joey Falch, seconded by Jack Storer.

            Sec.  Carole Dannehl, nominated by Carol K, seconded by Jack.

            Treas.  Brian Follett, nominated by Carol K, seconded by Bob.

The slate of officers was elected by unanimous vote.

            Treasurer’s report:   Checkbook has $2759.  There is $1100 in the milfoil account and $1300 in the attorney account.  We need $3500 to pay the rest of the lawyer’s bill and $1500 to pay for the milfoil treatment.  We also need $1500 to do a plant management study in 2009.  PJ is working on grant applications to help pay for milfoil related expenses and walleye introduction.

            PJ stated that the Carlson Dam project is on hold until a decision is reached regarding replacement of the culverts at Hwy NN.  The LCO tribe is not in favor of lowering the culverts.

            PJ outlined the history of the fight against the condo development and explained why hiring a lawyer was a necessity.

            There was general discussion about the condos, including information that the most expensive lot is $224,000.  There is concern that the dock area is near the heaviest concentration of milfoil on the lake.  It was brought up that Thompson’s negotiations with the DNR regarding un-permitted excavation at the Shores of Osprey included the DNR’s requirement that he provide 103 feet of land for “public access”, which does not mean a landing—just a place where a person could walk down to the lake.

            Jeff Schneider explained the procedure needed to implement restrictions on water skiing, etc.  He has contacted Sue Miller at the DNR and has the letter and forms ready to present to the Town of Hayward.  After their approval, he will submit the same to the Towns of Hunter and Round Lake.  Members agreed that the hours of 10-5 during the months of May through October would provide all users of the lake with adequate time to  pursue their interests.  Carole D mentioned that she had talked to Dan Tyrolt at the LCO Conservation Dept, and they are thinking of taking action to make Osprey a no-wake lake.  It would be in our best interest to come up with action suitable for this size lake before the tribe decides to act.  Bob moved that Jeff continue with this action, Jack seconded, and the motion was passed unanimously.

            Carole D described our membership in the Sawyer County Lakes Forum and moved for the membership’s permission to write a letter (which the SCLF has requested ) to the Sawyer County Board stating our approval of the Wilderness Lakes classification which is being proposed, and which will further curtail development on the smallest of the county’s lakes.  Carol K seconded, and permission was granted unanimously.

            Rich Knauel moved, Joey seconded for adjournment at 6 PM.  Motion passed. 

            The meeting was followed by a potluck fish fry with 23 people present.


Submitted by Carole Dannehl  Sept. 3, 2008