About Us

Osprey Lake Property Owners Association, Inc. (OLPOA) was formed in January 2004.  Article I of the OLPOA bylaws state the mission of the organization:

“The purpose of the Association is to advocate, monitor and act for the protection, environmental and recreational preservation and enhancement of the quality of Osprey Lake, its shoreland and watershed areas located in Sawyer County, Wisconsin, and to respond to issues pertaining thereto as deemed relevant by the membership.”

During the past 16 years, OLPOA has collected membership dues and voluntary contributions from property owners on and near Osprey Lake, a small body of water approximately eight miles east of the town of Hayward, Wisconsin.  The money has been used to pay the costs related to three primary activities:

• Periodic monitoring and chemical abatement of Eurasian Water Milfoil, an invasive plant species, with a three-year matching grant from the Sawyer County Land and Water Conservation District. Work done by Northern Aquatic Services.
• Periodic stocking of walleye fry and fingerlings to increase the fish population of the lake, with a matching grant from Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin.  Fish are purchased from the Lac Courte Oreilles band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians.
• Interaction with local agencies and the LCO band to protect the lake environment, landing road, wildlife habitat and shoreline aesthetics.

Any person or organization may become a member of OLPOA by paying the initial membership fee of $200. Owners of property within a mile of the lakeshore have been encouraged to join, since the value of their asset is enhanced by the vigilance and efforts of OLPOA.  There are currently 24 families that are considered members of OLPOA, and more than 30 people who have contributed to the association in the past.

Members are requested to pay annual dues and to make such other contributions as may be necessary to carry out the activities that are recommended by the governing board.  Communication to OLPOA members and prospective members is by mail, email, phone and in person.  Grants and in-kind contributions are solicited from Sawyer County, the State of Wisconsin, and other non-profit organizations to match and augment the funds received from members of OLPOA.

For further information, please call, write or email:

Osprey Lake Property Owners Association, Inc.
1206 Nixon Ave.
Eau Claire, WI  54701

(715) 210-0205